About BYBN

Be Your Best Nutrition (BYBN) creates, develops, and distributes nutrient-dense products for people with busy lives. BYBN, a food science innovator, is excited to introduce a product that is truly in a league of its own. BYBN’s TOTAL BITES is the perfect addition to any school meal program or as an à la carte Smart(er) Snack.

BYBN is focused on providing our products to kids in grades K-12, active seniors, and every age group in between! By delivering great-tasting, healthy, Smart(er) Snacks, BYBN will improve our nation’s overall health outlook. Our Smart(er) Snacks are competitively priced and packed with essential vitamins and minerals. Simply put, our nutrient-dense products are in a league of their own.


Be Your Best Nutrition, (BYBN) was born out of a humanitarian “micronutrient intervention campaign” against malnutrition. Working with USAID and other Global Humanitarian Foundations, BYBN’s founder, Keith Fair offered lifesaving and life-changing education and nutritional products to at-risk populations in need.
In 2013, Keith began working with food scientists and nutritionists to create a new product to meet the more stringent, nutritional standards set forth by the Healthy Hunger-Free Kids Act. As a result, they formulated and developed BYBN’s first product, TOTAL BITES.
BYBN believes in “nutritional equity” for every child and seeks to create, manufacture and distribute nutrient-dense products to every school child in America. BYBN’s TOTAL BITES is the unequivocal nutritional leader in the smart snack category. We hope that our product will be the catalyst that pushes our competitors to raise their standards and begin offering more nutrient-dense snacks.

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Fun Ways to Eat TOTAL BITES

Chocolate Total Bites in Frosting DipHealthy snacks for kids don’t have to be boring. Our products are ready to grab and go, so kids can keep them in their backpacks, gym bags, or lockers. They’re also perfect as:

  • Awesome Dippers With Yogurt
  • Sweet Treats With Ice Cream
  • Energizing Snacks With Cold Milk or Juice