Healthy Snacks for Seniors

Seniors with Total BitesFiguring out what to eat when snacking between meals is difficult for most people. The options may seem even more limited if you are one of the millions of active seniors in the United States or one of the 18 million people diagnosed with diabetes. These circumstances require you to watch your intake of sugar and calories so you can maintain a healthy lifestyle. Fortunately the food scientists at Be Your Best Nutrition have a solution. We’ve created a healthy snack for seniors that is loaded with whole grains, contains just 120 calories, and only 4g of fat. Our TOTAL BITES® are nutrient-dense, packing 2g of protein, 2g of fiber and 21 vitamins and minerals per serving. TOTAL BITES® go a long way to satisfy your cravings between meals and they can even be used as a senior meal supplement to help you reduce your portion sizes during main meals. Those who suffer from diabetes can use TOTAL BITES® as a carb substitute in the evening to keep their blood sugar levels more stable more stable throughout the night.

Experience The TOTAL BITES® Difference

Senior nutrition is different than the nutrition of teens or adults. Nutrient levels need to be more closely monitored and calories typically need to be decreased. Fortunately, our products are a great solution to get the nutritional value you need without increasing your calories too much. Our product is: Seniors Walking - Total Bites Logo

  • A “functional food.”
  • A tasty and healthy snack option.
  • Nutrient-dense with 21 vitamins and minerals.
  • A 30g serving - 14 crunchy TOTAL BITES®.
  • Manufactured in a NUT FREE facility.
  • Easy to open, ready-to-eat.
  • Made in the USA.

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